Thank you Indian Cricket Team for the Best Father’s day gift.

Team India, thank you, for the best Father’s Day gift.18amir-kohli-wkt

I don’t believe in Father’s Day per se’, however, yesterday you made me believe in it. Three different sports that India represented yesterday and you gave the best result. Ironical but true. The IPL tamasha, the non-stop praises heaped on our players by commentator made my kid believe and I’m sure many kids around that Team India is invincible, it plays to win. You shattered this belief with your stupendous loss yesterday. Thanks.

What a gift. The way you gave in to the spirited Pakistani team, the same team that belongs to a nation that is an infestation ground for terrorists and continues to hurt us politically, economically, socially daily, should be a matter of shame. That’s not a rightist speaking – that’s a father speaking whose kids are aware, informed and have a lot of questions about India, Pakistan, Trump and the world in general.

You showed us finally that cricket is not a team game. My heartiest thanks to Ravindra Jadeja. Had he not done what he did, probably Hardik Pandya would have gone ahead and made a century and maybe snatch a win for India (a very unlikely event though). Had that happened, then today’s newspapers would have been screaming aloud – the advent of a new hero ‘Hardik’. Nobody would have bothered if India won or lost, the PR machinery, the BCCI would have made sure that the brand Hardik is built up till the next World Cup. They have been doing this for decades corrupting the public imagination, building a hype of ‘invincible’ and ‘Gods’ while all that the country can showcase is 3 Titles out of possible 12 over a decade.

Ask any corporate leader (not a manager) about this achievement and he’ll say unacceptable. It is a lousy record given the fact that we have ‘individual’ record breakers and yet we don’t have a team.

Now, my kid can relate to the fact that why this game is followed by a limited few countries and even amongst them we can’t win. He can explain that it is not players with immense experience and records that matter but those that have a will, an intent to win do.

An individual player game is probably more stressful as the pressure and burden of carrying the nation’s hopes is not divided amongst 11 players. Kudos to Kidambi Srikanth for bringing the title home. It’s his win. It’s India’s win. How can I forget the glorious win of Team India in Hockey yesterday? Amazing. The shoulders of the opposition team, Pakistan, were drooping yesterday and that made a statement.

A despicable loss doesn’t tantamount to a “well-played” game by the opposition. That’s the line being used by one and all. But, thanks. At least in the eyes of my kids, they can differentiate between a spineless effort and a spirited win. At least they can open their eyes to so many sports, the countries that play those games and the champions that rule them.

To those who believe they we should believe in the spirit of the game, I and the nation today believes in 2 words – India, wins!