Vlog world, here I come – Week 16 (tcoawe)

Money speaks especially the policies locked in cupboard!

Too much is happening in the Content world. By the time, you grasp a concept and get your hands dirty, there is another type of marketing or content being baptised in some corner of the earth and most of the times that corner belongs to US. No, that is not us, as in Content Masala brand that I have created but it’s USA.

Finally, I took the plunge in the world of Video blog or Vlog, as it is commonly called and in 4 days have got around 400 views on my You tube channel. Along with 50 odd subscriptions, I’m happy that the organic reach has yielded decent results for a non-celebrity, non-CXO profile. It’s just the beginning and sustainability is the key word. Go ahead and check the trending video. It’s honest, unbiased and gives you a choice about your investment / insurance portfolio.




I’ll like to share some key insights while delving into a new content form like Vlog.

  1. Take the plunge: You can’t get a perfect launch or content the first time. Unless you test it in the market, you really won’t come to know if your hypothesis about the entire project was right in the first place. What’s the worst possible outcome? You’ll fail and nobody will appreciate your work. That’s cool because this is my 9th video (not Vlog) and there is always something new to learn from each attempt. Remember the “Freedom” monologue from the movie Braveheart … well, something like that:)


  1. Be clear about the objective: An adage has remained with me for the longest time ever, ‘All form, no content’. It is for all those slick movies that have super effects, costumes, sets and yet no script that as a viewer you can engage with. Well, the same applies here. You are not an Agency or a Marketing Guru but if the intent and the objective of the video is clear then viewers do appreciate. Remember the dialogue from 3 Idiots “Kehna kya chahte ho”!:) (English translation – what do you want to say?)


  1. Don’t ESTIMATE the viewer: If you underestimate then point 2 holds true. If you over-estimate, then your content shall get squashed under the weight of your stressed-out mind and perceptions and will lead to inferior result. So, be calm and still in mind while being crazy enough to execute your plan. The only thing that you can control is your content design and promoting it; stick to it. Of course, you know your audience, hence you have an objective.


Lastly, your promotion and your content should be same language else the audience will repeat the dialogue from the movie Satya “Tereko kya lagta hai, humlog alibagh se aaya hai”. (English translation – Do you think we are fools?)

PLEASE do watch the video; it’s a English-Hindi combo. Subscribe if you like:)

Rishi Arya

About: I am an evolving Content Marketing Strategist who is currently pursuing certifications in Content Strategy and Digital Marketing. I’m also setting up my own venture called ‘Content Masala’. T.C.O.A.W.E (The chronicles of a Wannabe entrepreneur) is the blog series that captures my feelings in this process.

My blogs tend to reflect on my journey of 14.5 years of corporate experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Mgmt and Content Mgmt and my passion towards Writing and Content. I’m also co-authoring my 2nd book post releasing the first fiction novel on corporate love titled ‘Always Yours’.

Read my blogs – https://contentmasalaa.wordpress.com/

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