1 step towards being an Addict free – Week 15 (tcoawe)

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It’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted a blog. A couple of them were spent in vacationing with family and probably that’s the time when one learns a lot. The unwinding, the travel, the experiences of meeting different varieties of Homo sapiens brings out a different YOU.

It has helped me approach my work differently, being more proactive and involved and asserting myself clearly. The hills do that! The change in the perspective has led me to get affiliated with a wonderful person named Mr. Vasant Agarwal. He is currently working on a beautiful and need of-the-hour concept called Addiction. Yes, alcohol, tobacco, smoking and mobile phones, whatsapp, games, drugs … you name it!

In this journey of knowing each other and exploring the way ahead, to my mind the biggest step to stop being an addict is to “Realise” that you are one. Maybe there is more to it. It has made me pen down a few lines on Alcohol Addiction.

If you can relate to an alcoholic, then do share your experience. It may help us in shaping the project properly.

One for the road, one for the party,
One for my sad times, one when I’m happy,
One is to celebrate birthday, wedding, sagai#
One without any reason, aiyeee vayee*
Too many of them to celebrate life without any tension or fear
These are the times when I’m free from being a son, husband or a father
I know more about chaknas, chikni chamelis$ and quarters
But I dont understand why my kids are becoming losers

I work so hard and this small peg is my compensation
But why is that instead of joy I get only frustration
There are days when I lay in bed with very high fever
I recall the times when my doctor used to say you’ll damage your liver

I hid behind the glitter of the drink that tasted like nectar
It helped me run away from my responsibilities that I always thought were not mine but my wife to bear
As I spend my savings and time today in hospital and miss my grandkids’ cheer,
I realise that I do not miss the laughs of yesteryear but the warmth and care of ones who are my near and dear and their elusive tear.

# Sagai is hindi word for ‘Engagement’

* Punjabi version of “just like that”

$ Chaknas = snacks or food assortments along with liquor.

Chikni Chamelis = slang in hindi language for smart girls who wants to get hooked

Rishi Arya

About: I am an evolving Content Marketing Strategist who is currently pursuing certifications in Content Strategy and Digital Marketing. I’m also setting up my own venture called ‘Content Masala’. tcoawe (The chronicles of a Wannabe entrepreneur) is the blog series that captures my feelings in this process.

My blogs tend to reflect on my journey of 14.5 years of corporate experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Mgmt and Content Mgmt and my passion towards Writing and Content. The daily learnings and the surprises that life brings forth impels me to write on different topics.

Read my blogs – https://contentmasalaa.wordpress.com/

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