The Sparrow predicts ‘Patience’ for Content: Week 12 (T.C.O.A.W.E)

img_20161221_182744I woke up in the evening to the sounds of mynahs communicating with each other on my window sill. After a gap of three days, my friends were back and it was indeed a pleasure to hear them. However, I missed the one sound that my kids and I have been yearning to hear for quite some time now; the chirping of sparrows. In fact, just a week ago, we bought a sparrow house from an e-commerce website. As it hung empty on the window grille in the other room, all I could mutter to myself was to have patience.

The worrying aspect is the impatience of my daughter. She made a very cute drawing of different birds in the hope of attracting the sparrows. She had decided to stick the drawing on the sparrow house and only relented when I explained that the drawing may get torn and worn out and dissuade the sparrow from coming to a dirty house. A true portrayal indeed of an honest, imaginative and colourful mind thinking and implementing different ways to save the sparrow species from the urban decaying environment.

As I shared earlier, my worry is that she may lose patience and give up on experimenting with different things to make the sparrow feel secure, comfortable and maybe ‘wanted’ enough to build its home in the sparrow house.

Eerily, this thought or process holds true to the adage ‘Content is King’. As the 2017 predictions keep on coming and as I went through various articles and white papers published related to content throughout the year, I realised that this adage is hollow. It is a bankrupt thought process and a lip service if it is not followed up in true spirit along with adequate patience. Often short-cuts are made to release Content to appease the stakeholders and in the process the Content becomes a pauper. So, my prediction or the only principle for the year 2017 in the realm of Content is to have patience while keeping on experimenting.

The reasons are four-fold:

  1. The sparrow needs to spot the house: The number of houses, buildings and complexes are increasing daily and so is the competition amongst birds. The pigeons, crows, mynahs are the front-runners in our area to spot vacant lucrative spaces and they hardly leave anything for the poor sparrow. This is what happens to our digital content against the might of bigger players who use SEO/SEM techniques quite effectively and efficiently. However, we need to hold on to our niche’ and keep the website, the content as clear and trustworthy as possible so that sooner or later it is consumed by the target audience.


  1. The sparrow will eat what it likes to eat: We’ve kept a small water vessel on the top of the AC compressor unit next to the sparrow house. Well, the results are awaited. However, interestingly a month before my daughter started keeping pulses on a tray on the AC unit and soon enough it was devoured by different birds including the sparrow. As I googled today, I realised the Content it needs. The bigger realisation was how often our content through different mediums differs. What we speak through blogs, publicise through social media or release through different campaigns often speaks different Content Marketing languages. It is then bound to attract different audience who are not exactly our target audience and the entire objective is lost.


  1. Did you hear a chirp today? If it sounds like analytics then you are correct. Often digital content is not evaluated post its release in a scientific manner. How many impressions were generated, what was the reach, is CTR the right metric, is the medium or campaign really working? The chirp indicates that yes, the current combination of many variable parameters is effective. The next step is to tweak a variable and look out for more chirps. Nearly 70% content we create does not hit the intended target, so, it is imperative that we don’t lose track!


  1. Chirp, Chirp and No chirp: This happened with us around 2 months back when we made a make shift home out of cardboard for the sparrow. Maybe it was the season change that attracted many sparrows. The best part was that the makeshift model was tried by different couples on many occasions and yet it was never occupied. Then we forgot about it. It was a premature victory that we celebrated and forgot the big picture. I’ve experienced the same in the world of Content. There are newer concepts, tools, techniques available and the first success goes right through the head. It is extremely important to sustain the process and continuously reinvent the wheel as in the first three steps. The below link is an indication of what’s coming up next and what we need to be updated with so that the chirping stays put.

If  Content is King, then treat it like one. It can’t be duplicated and used as and when required as the world is looking for originality. Content can be replanted as part of the campaign, however, any honest digital marketer will tell you that it can’t be reused across campaigns. Build some patience in the process while experiementing and let the sparrow fly in the house:) Amen.


Rishi Arya

About: I am an evolving Content Marketing Strategist who is currently pursuing certifications in Content Strategy and Digital Marketing. I’m also setting up my own venture called ‘Content Masala’. T.C.O.A.W.E (The chronicles of a Wannabe entrepreneur) is the blog series that captures my feelings in this process.

My blogs tend to reflect on my journey of 14.5 years of corporate experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Mgmt and Content Mgmt and my passion towards Writing and Content. I’m also co-authoring my 2nd book post releasing the first fiction novel on corporate love titled ‘Always Yours’.

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