Week 11 – The 5 corporate mantras – T.C.O.A.W.E


It’s been a busy week. Project submissions, new project understandings, submission of pilot work has been the order of the day. I also managed to attend an interesting session on ‘How to crank up your Content Marketing career’. Though it’s over, I’m still sharing a link so that interested Content Marketers can get an idea how to go through the recording of the webcast.


Now, this webcast and another interesting blog that I read the other day made me recall the interesting times of my corporate life. I had my highs and lows like all of us do during my professional stint. At times, I miss it:) However, post emerging from the shadows of that experience, I can now clearly visualise what really were my “Gap” areas in dealing with the highs and lows.

Let me share my 5 corporate mantras for “MANAGING” corporate life.

  1. NO HOPE: At the end of the day you have signed a contract with an Organisation. So, don’t hope for promotions, increments every year and Chairman’s award for every project that you successfully accomplish. Let me explain. Imagine the Organisation to be a person or rather a proprietor who is running the shop. Due to uncertainty in the financial ecosystem, the economic crisis and maybe the competition, the guy does not do well. Maybe s/he must shut shop. So, where does that leave you … with hope?

Pink slips are order of the day and there is nothing to feel bad about it.

Not getting promotions or that significant raise in salary is not an indicator of your performance alone. It’s an indicator of your Industry’s performance, Company’s performance and your function’s performance. So, be practical and stop being hopeful of goodies because the Organisation is not Santa Claus. 🙂

  1. DON’T COMPARE: This is a primary reason why we end up sulking and become over dependent on hope. We end up justifying our efforts and the work done by us and belittle the other person’s work (she is a bitch, he is a sucker, luck). In one of my earlier blogs I had clearly emphasised that if you sleep with the BIG C (comparison) then you are surely going to get three Small C for free (Crib, Complain, Cry). Sleeping with them is not a good feeling to have:)

It’s a mad world and every corporate employee is trying to make a perception of his work. Maybe s/he is not good enough to do that work but s/he makes a perception that the work completed by him or her is phenomenal. Getting into the details of why that person and not you will only lead to a lose-lose scenario and you’ll be the bigger loser.

Remember, if you are that person who really can’t create perceptions as demanded by your Manager, then please don’t. Be happy with your work, your salary at the end of the month and if you are still unsatisfied then move on. No one is stopping you because at the end of the day as I said earlier, it’s a contract. No feelings please.

  1. UPGRADE SELF: This is the most important mantra as this can stop the vicious circle of being in hope and complaining and comparing. Alas! Not many believe in the concept of upgrading self-skill sets. We know there is immense competition, we know that demand for newer skill sets is the order of the day, we know that we shall become dodos of the corporate world if we don’t change and yet …

The common excuse for not doing is that I don’t know what to do. More often than not, the answer is point no.5 and a practical and plausible way is taking feedback from colleagues, seniors, juniors .. everyone. If you are too shy or egoistic to do that then there are assessment centres to help you in this regard. You must spend money on yourself to gain money. Again, let me remind you that it is a contract and if you are expecting a wonderful, effective training program sponsored by the Organisation to upgrade you, then please do note that the L&D function will do as much as to fulfil its KRA. Period.

  1. WORK LIFE WHAT: You can replace the word ‘What’ by ‘Balance’ or ‘Integration’ or ‘Nothing’ … it all depends on you. Whichever way you look at it, work Is part of life. Home is part of life. Family is part of life. Whether you agree or not, your life today includes a bigger portion of work than anything else. Either you are travelling or carrying work at home or working in office, it all tantamount to the same thing.

Give yourself and your family a couple of decent vacations in a year and DO NOT work at that time. The portion of spending time with your family significantly goes up in your life. Make peace with that.

Still for those who are unconvinced, how many times do you engage in personal chat or search online for buying something for home or talk with your friends, relatives, kids while at office? An hour maybe? So, if we can carry home to office then carrying office to home shouldn’t be a burden, right:)

  1. FOLLOW THE VOICE: If you are in the wrong job, then you are leading a wrong life. It’s like you want to be in London but you board a flight for Singapore. Then obviously, you will find fault with the air hostess, the cabin crew, the seats will be uncomfortable and the flight will seem to be delayed … because you are not at peace with yourself. Your thoughts are in London and your body or rather your actions are not aligned with your thoughts. You may end up liking the movie, the food and even your co-passenger, however, deep inside you are yearning to jump off that plane. All you can do is to wait for the flight to get over and take the journey back home. Shit happens. Be patient. We can’t control anything, so don’t fret over it. Just go with the flow.

Unfortunately, many just accept that the destination is Singapore and stay put. They are too scared to go back basis their experience. What if I board the wrong plane again?

We don’t give credit to the inner voice as much as we should. Take a pause and listen to it. It’s risky but then in today’s corporate world, so is life.

Remember the interesting blog I talked about. It’s a good read. Personally I’m over such beautiful descriptions of corporate life.:)



Rishi Arya

About: I am an evolving Content Marketing Strategist who is currently pursuing certifications in Content Strategy and Digital Marketing. I’m also setting up my own venture called ‘Content Masala’. T.C.O.A.W.E (The chronicles of a Wannabe entrepreneur) is the blog series that captures my feelings in this process.

My blogs tend to reflect on my journey of 14.5 years of corporate experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Mgmt and Content Mgmt and my passion towards Writing and Content. I’m also co-authoring my 2nd book post releasing the first fiction novel on corporate love titled ‘Always Yours’.

Read my blogs – https://contentmasalaa.wordpress.com/

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