Week 10 – Speed Breaker – The chronicles of a wannabe entrepreneur


I’ve just finished a recording of my first episode on life insurance policies in India. It’s going to be an offering from Content Masala for all the customers who have bought a life insurance policy and are blissfully unaware about the returns or rather the benefits of the policy. In India, unfortunately most of the policies are still bought from tax benefit purpose and it’s only on the renewal premium payment day we come to know about its existence.

It was a painful task on a physical note. The weather change and sudden temperature drop laid me low for a couple of days. The entire yesterday was spent on the bed. The positive outcome was that I could read up a few articles on Content and trending topics. Sharing an interesting article


And this one is surely a must go through. I simply loved the GE podcast.


So, speed breakers have their own role to play. It was my speed breaker day yesterday. It helped me reflect on my journey and above all relate to the one sound that gets lost in the noise every moment of our lives. The voice of my soul. No, I wasn’t meditating or doing a Bikram Yoga or anything of that sort. It was mere listening to my thoughts, anxieties, worries, smiling on the happy memories, looking up to a pleasant future and being in the moment.

It’s like road travel wherein you are cruising at say 80, 90 or say 100 miles an hour oblivious to the environment or other vehicles on the road and BANG! There is a speed breaker. You’ve got to slow down and just let it go. Get over the curses and the slight bump that your car had to endure and focus on the next 100 meters.

Interestingly, while I’m writing this a LinkedIn message has just popped up that says ‘Allocate time to each task you need to get done every day. Each task of the day should be attainable, realistic and time-bound’. Sounds like SMART goal, doesn’t it? Talking of goal … And yes, every 5 minutes there should be a goal scored in a football match because each player must focus on the tasks allocated to him. When I designed a program on SMART goals, I had taken the example of a football game. Chelsea may have a higher possession ratio, more attempts on goals and a better game, however on that day if Arsenal scores the only goal of the match from its only attempt then you know the winner. The key is to be ready for the cruise mode and non-cruise mode.

Smart footballers, smart professionals always know that there is a speed breaker ahead. You can’t anticipate it; however, you can be ready for it. And yes, enjoy it!

Rishi Arya

About: I am an evolving Content Marketing Strategist who is currently pursuing certifications in Content Strategy and Digital Marketing. I’m currently setting up my own venture called ‘Content Masala’.

My blogs reflect this journey besides other Content related topics. 14.5 years of corporate experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Mgmt and Content Mgmt has only affirmed my belief in the philosophy ‘The journey itself is the destination’. I even managed to release my fiction novel ‘Always Yours’ is an example of that. 🙂

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