Week 9 – ZMOT – The chronicles of a wannabe entrepreneur

win_20161201_16_09_28_proZero Moment of truth (ZMOT) is a term coined by Google in 2011, actually refers to the research which is conducted by a user online about a product or service before taking any action i.e. searching for mobile reviews before making a purchase. The internet has changed altogether the way consumers are interacting with brands, products or services this online decision-making moment is termed as ZMOT.

So, I discovered this term lately and coincidentally my current journey as a freelancer cum wannabe entrepreneur is undergoing ZMOT. So what is ZMOT for me. It’s as simple as telling the inner voice to ‘Give up’. The alternative choice is trusting and backing self and saying ‘You can’. Two simple words backed up enormous moments of different emotions – happiness, angst, frustration, sadness, anxiety, pleasure, satisfied .. It’s cruel to make decisions especially when you have to make one for yourself and not for others. And this is what makes my ZMOT difficult because I can’t really quantify or compare all such moments and say, ‘Hey, 66.78% of my productive time I’ve felt good about my current journey, so, let’s continue.’ And then a voice comes and screams – EXCUSE ME. Did you say Productive time?

Precisely at this point the guy in the picture comes as a last-minute research to help me make the decision about my Zero Moment of Truth in continuing this journey. He is my son, my buddy and the one person who is the bouncing board for my thoughts. (But he loves Liverpool. Grr. I hope Arsenal wins EPL at least this year).

So, he says nothing. Does nothing. And yet, on a daily basis we observe each other’s progress without putting specific emphasis on results. We do acknowledge the efforts put in and not really being bothered about the outcome of those efforts. Amongst all the hard work, there is time to live life. And often as I recollect, at different times of life, there are different people, a relative, friend, passer by or an acquaintance or even a pet who help you make your ZMOT before taking any action.

Ishaan is like that honest reviewer of a mobile phone who will rate 3.4 / 5 and point out the pros and cons unlike many who just give a 4 /5. Such an honest review, my buddy, is my ZMOT.

This is the peril of being a freelancer as I have realised the hard way. The lure of getting away from the struggles, chaos and going to back to the salaried version of hard work is too high! Hats off to all entrepreneurs who work 24/7. The week has been hectic, full of so close yet so far projects, pending assignments and submission of projects. A silver lining – Finally we’ve got a housekeeper:) ‘You Can’, is what I am going to stick around with and fight the inner demons.

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