The chronicles of a wannabe entrepreneur – Week 8 (Ctrl = NO ctrl)


Logo created through crowdsourcing. Content Masala.

On October 21 I shared an update on LinkedIn. Readers were encouraged to look at 5 options of my setup’s logo and give suggestions, opinions and choose which option they liked the best. Of course there were different kinds of results. It is an interesting case of analytics that I soon would be sharing. Some key observations from this exercise:


  • Most of the millennial opted for a cool and colourful look
  • The experts (designers, creatives) scoffed at the designs and when I asked for specific feedback, none actually bothered to reply
  • The professionals with at least 10 – 15 years of experience went for an option that was neat, clean without too many frills.

And then there were few remarks that said that I wasn’t serious about it, it was just a gimmick or rather a publicity stunt. Honestly speaking it did raise my ratings significantly and introduced me to many potential clients. However, in the realm of Content Strategy we emphasise on being truthful and trustworthy with our customers and that is what I was. Nearly 800 comments later, the logo of my setup ‘Content Masala’ is there to see.

The learning for me though at the end of week 8 is not that of being able to create a logo or my experiment with crowdsourcing. It is a simple learning about Control. You may recall that currently am toggling between networking, finishing projects, being the house-maid, managing kids and also the learner (pursuing Digital Marketing and Content Strategy certifications). As the maid and the father the realisation that there is nothing in our control dawned on me. The dust, dirt will come and wreak havoc around the house; my daughter will not listen to me will having her lunch and take her own sweet time; the kids will create noise at that precise moment when you feel like taking a quick nap and of course the door bell will ring when you need to rush to the rest room!

The only thing in control was to do. Period. From the setup perspective, I soon realised the importance of having a decent logo that would appeal to the customers, is innovative enough to garner a conversation and importantly truthful enough to communicate my introduction. The best possible option was to take feedback from all and though reluctant at first, finally I released on LinkedIn my views about the logo. That was the only thing in my control – To trust readers to share their opinions. What started as a trickle eventually became a huge inflow of ideas, opinions that finally made this logo possible.

So, that’s about my impression of being in control.

At a particular moment you can be in control of only what you are doing and definitely not its outcome. So, live in the moment and give your best.

An example is the outcome of my pilot projects. Lots of hard work, innovation and thinking gone behind them and yet no closure. Sigh. All I can say is that there is a lot of gap between the cup and the lip:) Unexpectedly and surprisingly, got a couple of calls for full-time job. Well, to choose or not to choose the job opportunity is definitely in my control. Or maybe not:)

Rishi Arya, Content Masala

Author of ‘Always Yours’. | Tweet @rishi011278 |

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