The chronicles of a wannabe entrepreneur – Week 7

win_20161117_09_48_05_proThis was not that I had in mind when I quit my 9 and 1/2 year job nearly 7 weeks ago. The opportunities were tremendous, the motivation was sky-high and above all the passion to create a mark for self was unstoppable. Today the scenario hasn’t changed much except for the fact that I have discovered the true meaning of struggles and sacrifices.

After a 14.5 year work experience post MBA in Marketing, the entrepreneurial spirit within me shouted aloud, ‘Let’s do it. You have relevant Biz. development, product management and Content development experience. It’s time to be your own BOSS.’ This inner voice is the first thing that I hear every morning. I simply followed the voice. In fact it started as a murmur 2 years back and since then gradually I’ve set path on this journey of being my own boss. Released a fiction novel few months back, completed domain certifications in Life Insurance and currently pursuing certifications in Digital Marketing and Content Strategy.

So, what really happened? Yes, the networking started, submitted pilot projects to a few and definitely improved my social presence. Online certifications meant that lot many hours were devoted to attending training sessions and then learning on the topics. Yes, it was challenging but fun toggling between projects submission (yes, earned a couple of projects), pilot project presentation, networking and being there for everyone to see. I even launched an initiative on LinkedIn inviting opinions for the logo of my prospective setup called Content Masala.

But then the housemaid crashed out.

So as the image depicts my mornings are spent in tidying up the house, rolling up the mosquito net and cleaning the bed sheets, taking care of kids when they arrive from school and doing those zillion things that a housemaid does. On a daily basis, before I start my freelancing work and before I inch forward in the process of setting up my own business, I have to ensure that the house is in order. My wife and my kids are all in this together and maybe it is a blessing in disguise.

Surprisingly, in the process I have realised that the accomplishments of small activities is much powerful than looking out for the big result.

I find the same happening with my work. Whether I am posting this blog or creating that short video or designing the ILT program … the efforts spent in achieving a sense of satisfaction at the end of each small activity is a unique feeling. This is something that I dint cherish as a corporate professional. Of course there are moments of frustration especially when the bank account doesn’t play the music of raining money at the end of the month. There is anxiety related to the outcome of each pilot project and yet there is only a sense of optimism and the shout of the inner voice all along.

Signing off till the next week’s chronicles (pardon me for using this word as it is not apt, yet, I like it so I used it):) .. another activity to complete, fixing evening breakfast for kid.

Rishi Arya
Content Masala ~ Create simple, engaging stories.

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