I am now a part of a Shauchalaya

Thanks to my school friend Ajit Gole and Welvan Pratishthan (NGO that works in areas of environment and Needy people in Pune region), I am proud to be the flush handle of a newly constructed Toilet. This toilet will help hundreds of school children and teachers to enjoy the ‘luxury’ of basic hygiene that this primary school had been deprived of for many years. img-20161023-wa0001

Not surprisingly the moment Ajit floated the idea of contributing towards this noble cause of building a Toilet on a WhatsApp group, the members got excited. It’s easy to depict Mumbaikars as machines who have no time to for anything in the world except their own personal lives. However, they are ever ready to contribute towards a good deed and this was no exception. Important was the execution of the idea and Ajit ensured that the construction was completed without any hiccups.

Of course there were hiccups. Predictably a few members of the village affiliated to some political party realized that they were not getting any mileage out of this and raised objections. Some cultural patrons of the village realized that the treated sewage water will be released in the vicinity of a temple and it will affect the divinity (or something of that sort). There is always an echo of Award Wapsi gang who oppose any change and it was evident during this initiative. Yet, the NGO persevered JUST like a JCB machine and since most of the villagers believed in them, it materialized.

Over the years, we Indians have got used to the phrase ‘Iss desh ka kuch nahi hoga’. Frankly, I heard it and believed in it for a long time till changes really started happening. https://swachhbharat.mygov.in/ is one such change. Readers may construe that I am a Bhakt and things like this have been happening for a long time. Yes, of course. One look at the website http://www.thebetterindia.com/ and you realize that so many of us have dedicated their time, effort, money and in most cases a career towards providing support to the poor and needy.

Today when I’m part of building this nation in my own small way, besides paying tax and debating with intellectuals about the Mushkil that Karan Johar faced (my version of Ae dil hai Mushkil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLfy6edWFTI ), it feels good. It’s a progressive sign that despite the political hues and caste lines drawn by all parties, the Government has taken important steps towards the development of the nation. Intellectuals can have a field day about secularism and liberal rights. I don’t care. I am just a common man, doing common things and yet who dreams to build an extraordinary nation.

Cheers to Ajit, Welvan Pratishthan for taking a small step in accomplishments of many such dreams. What is your status —

  • Are your dreams of building this nation being realized?
  • Have you accomplished something that you wish to share?
  • Is there something you wish to do but not yet started?


Rishi Arya (@rishi011278)

Author of the book ‘Always Yours’

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