Office Office … A parody.

Crocodile and monkeyMagar and the Monkeys of Bay 10 of Section 2
Once upon a time there was a King named SarvaGyaani who ruled the kingdom of Officerashtra. A mighty river, Karyalaya flowed through this kingdom. Those were the days of barter system and Officerashtra was known for its variety of fruits which were transported on the river Karyalaya. In return the kingdom got its share of Pulses, Grains, Milk and even cereal from other kingdoms.
SarvaGyaani, the biggest pachyderm in the kingdom, was a wise king who knew that it was important to have an efficient and a disciplined workforce who could implement the barter system without any glitches. To make this happen, he had in place a 3-layer work force. Strong, big crocodiles or called as the “Big Croc” were his direct reportees who in turn had an army of “Crocodiles”. The Crocodiles in turn recruited the active, talented “Monkeys” for carrying out the daily activities of plucking fruits, assembling storage boxes and offloading on boats. Even amongst the monkeys there was a grading system of Junior, Senior, Super Senior based on seniority and merit of work done.
Each Big Croc supervised a section of the mighty river Karyalaya and each section had 10 Bays.

Bay 10 of section 2 was supervised by a crocodile named ‘Magar’. He had 25 monkeys reporting to him which was a mix of the 3 grades. Life was going on smooth till one day the following incident happen.

Chandu monkey, a super senior monkey was getting the fruits offloaded in a boat when suddenly the branch of a nearby tree snapped and two junior monkeys fell in Karyalaya. He looked around for Magar for instructions but as usual, he was too busy cleaning the scales of the Big Croc’s tail.

Chandu monkey was in a dilemna as monkeys were not supposed to enter water, but finally he took the plunge. He managed to save the 2 monkeys and felt a sense of accomplishment and was very proud of himself.
‘I have done a great deed, a super senior monkey I am indeed’, thought he.
But Bay 10 was surprisingly silent, as Magar and the Big Croc made their way towards Chandu Monkey.

Magar said with a raised voice ‘Hey monkey, who do you think you are? You jumped into the water though you know that monkeys are barred. This calls for a punishment and I punish thee that henceforth you shall no longer be a super senior monkey. You are now demoted as a senior monkey’.

Saying this he swam towards the shore and comforted the 2 junior monkeys who knew very well that it is an indication not to speak.
Chandu Monkey, was surprised, bewildered and helpless to say the least and when Vinaash kaale viprith buddhi, the heart rules over the head and screams. ‘O Magar, how come you demote me? I was there protecting the team when you were busy scratching the back ofseniority. Tell me why I should not be in your place when I have the skills, knowledge of this work much more than you can ever imagine to be?’
The Big Croc nudged Magar and told him to sit and have a word with Chandu Monkey as he wanted his section to be totally complaint free. Magar sat with Chandu Monkey sometime later under the great banyan tree, shed a tear and said that you have hurt me. Chandu Monkey got emotional and bought his tears for free. Magar then told him that to be a team leader you need to have the certificate from Mr. Target who lives faraway in a kingdom called Once a monkey-always a monkey. In search of this elusive certificate off went Chandu Monkey and Magar went to the Big Croc and did what he always did best – scratch the big croc’s tail after having resolved all matters quietly.
And so Chandu Monkey was never heard of and the monkeys learnt that it is in their destiny to do good work which you can’t even boast of. End.
Moral of the story – To become a crocodile, you need to be a crocodile. Period.
{End of lesson 1}