3 steps of celebrating a ‘Successful Failure’.

Today as I lay to rest one of my personal initiatives, the oxymoron of ‘Successful Failure’ is the only way of bidding a farewell. NSuccessful Failureearly three years ago, at a time when I was passing through professional mid-age crisis, the entrepreneurial spirit in me shook me up.

To quit or not to quit, was the question I asked myself at that time.

The question was shot down within a matter of few seconds – My good friends named Liabilities, Responsibilities and Fear helped me in shooting it down. However, the entrepreneur beast within me refused to subside and after days of negotiation, cease-fire was reached.

It was decided that to pursue my passion, I shall devote time, effort and money towards building a website and the linked social media program of Facebook, Email and Twitter. After more than a year, the outcome was ready. My own website named http://www.kahaaniveda.com.

Today, I am putting it to rest permanently. Is it giving me any heartburn? Do I feel bad that nothing productive actually came out of it? Actually no. I

n fact, I feel good to be a part of this venture which has emboldened me to be ready for the future in a better and organised manner. So, as part of the celebration of this important event of my life, let me share the 3 important lessons: 1. Not everything you touch will become Gold:

When I started this initiative, my heart said “Yeah buddy, you have started a unique initiative – Creating stories for Marketing, Training, Brand and Media houses.” It never happened that way because there was not enough focus. There was never a detailed plan in place. Like many start-ups that fail which start on a dream and end with a nightmare, this was an addition to that list. To realise a dream, there has to be marriage of Passion with Practical Logic.

2. One-Man army, what is that?

I dint ask myself this question at that time and ended up being a one-man army with zero customers and zero stakeholders. I still believe it is a great concept of making Graphic/E-learning/Digital stories, to make content in a simple yet effective manner. I even partnered with my friends on this initiative, but, then partnering is not owning. They bought the concept because it was ME but they did not own the concept.

3. When in a marathon, don’t run a 100 meter race

Failure to plan has another ally which is called failure to reach milestones. Creation of website took lot longer than anticipated. Partnerships were never forged. Customer acquisition was a feeble attempt. I rushed into the project thinking that word-by-mouth publicity would no wonders; however, failed to have a plan B. Did not have enough timelines in place for different milestones to be achieved.

Today, I celebrate these learnings of life and armed with it will write the script of “Re-birth of Kahaaniveda” in a few years’ time. Till then, as a farewell to my dear initiative which has given me happiness and taught me a lot; do pay a visit to the website www.kahaaniveda.com and share your feelings with me.