Do your Walls need ENT specialist?

There is an old saying ‘The walls have ears’. Yes they do and they also have two big eyes in the form of CCTV and a mouth, speakers and other sound facilities and of course the nose is present to detect smoke and shower you with age old rain. Hmm, that really sets me wondering if the mainImagetenance guys check the water sprinklers whether it is functioning or not or for that matter do they change water frequently. For all you know, along with water some worms may reach out to you especially your head and for a bald person like me that is not a good thought to have.

But, coming back to the point, Do the walls of today really have ears? We all know that this phrase indicates the nefarious and evil ways of a person to overhear a conversation and spread rumours as per his whim and fancies to suit him. Wow, really seems to be a success mantra for many corporate employeesJ. But again this is a manipulated and hackneyed version of the saying which really means – Something you say to warn someone that it is not secure and in the best interests to speak at that time as some other person would be listening.

This saying has been single handedly destroyed by a certain Mr. Zuckerberg. People are no longer hesitant to put on Facebook anything and everything to do. My doggy did Poo poo today at the park bench, I celebrate my resignation today (please LIKE), I am at Crystal corner waiting for a bus which is late by 10 minutes. Aren’t these guys scared of what people might think or interpret? What if the Park Bench owner has a facebook page and is looking out to imprison doggy, what if your employers (ex as well as current) aren’t amused and decide to sue you and what if momma asks you, ‘Darling, what were you doing at Crystal Corner’.?

World has become a smaller place and Employees today have liberated themselves from office politics. Ok, that is a wishful statement. But, yes there is a start. Progressive companies build teams from different departments who are encouraged to discuss, plan and implement strategies. This would involve lot of communication which may not seem pleasant to the ears of many (Obviously the Management) but is appreciated to reach out to a good effect result.

The walls of today provide Support. As individual employees, it is imperative for us to talk and share our thoughts, ideas and as mature adults it would lead to some solutions. Whether professional or personal, Sharing and Interacting is the need of the hour. I knew a colleague who would hold on to his domain knowledge and not share and secretively discuss only with our superior. Well, damn you! Today, he is still holding on to his principles and afraid of the ears whereas I have moved on and learned a lot through so many knowledge forums, so many other individuals who are willing to share. And let’s face it, Growing needs Learning and it is happening, at least for me.

So what is your WALL doing for you? Is your knowledge, learning and skills trapped in the 4 walls of room because you are scared that somebody else may snatch it? Do you believe in Sharing and snatching … choice is yours.