King Bruce and the Spider – The Corporate ladder

king bruce and spider Spider – whenever I see one I have an instant impulse to smash the arachnid  at the very position it was alive and breathing about a second back. My fear of these poor little insects was converted into hatred and aggression since the day I watched the movie Arachnophobia. No wonder, I was squirming in my seat when I saw one sitting or maybe it was standing or was it sleeping at the top corner of my room. I reached out for the nearest lethal weapon, a 4 mm, which when rolled became a 20 mm ready to strike hard at the target. But, before I could really brandish my rolled newspaper at the eight legged creature, it made its move. It swung by a thread of its web from the edge of one wall to the another.

As moments passed by, it became evident that it was trying to make a web to earn its living. Maybe it was the plastic paint or maybe the spider was old, it just wasn’t able to proceed in its web design and development. And there I sat on my seat next to the dining table, reminiscing about the old fable of King Bruce and the Spider.

And it talked.

“Well, if you think you are King Bruce and I am the latest version of my forefathers, then you are mistaken.” It continued speaking whilst dismissing the high voltage shock that I had just received into nothingness. “I have already made six swinging attempts to make my web and as in the story, maybe I shall succeed on the seventh”. Regaining my senses, I asked the booming voice which emanated from the place where it was stationed, “So why could you not make your web, oops, web design? What has stopped you?”

“Aha, you have seen the output but have missed the input. Just like my supervisor. You see, when I swung the first time from the left towards the right, I was pulled down by my colleague who was hiding behind the curtain. He literally pulled a fast one. On my second attempt from right to left though I was cautious, yet, another colleague of mine hiding behind the curtain rod ensured that I slipped at the very last moment.”

Me, the King Bruce, could only think and wonder about the similarity.

“The third attempt wasn’t so bad. I had managed to circumvent the nefarious nudges of my two colleagues but my advance was restricted by a sweet, lovely voice asking for help. Oh, I tell you, she was an awesome black shining beauty,  and the millions of tiny hair on her beautiful 8 legs made my heart beat faster. One of her 8 legs was twitching a bit and I rushed ahead to quickly cover the 4 feet distance and be of any help to her. Well, I had barely managed to cross 4 cm when I saw my supervisor literally take her away and  in those 4 seconds, my web was secretly destroyed.”

And the similarity continued. Lady in pain, there is never any gain.

“The fourth attempt, a half-hearted attempt was nipped in the bud when I realised I wasn’t secreting enough silk to make a strong web. Well, what do you expect from a unmotivated spider? But, I gave myself another chance and had nearly completed my web on the 5th attempt when it was pointed out to me that I was encroaching someone else’s territory. It was not part of my KPI. Can you imagine my frustration .. my claws were itching to rip apart somebody’s legs.”

I had started loving the spider by this time.

“But, I decided that I have to prove myself and on the 6th attempt, I was done with my web design but for a last thread. It was a fine piece of work and I was really happy about it till my supervisor rested his ass on the web and thanked me for making such a nice web for him.”

That really hurt. As per the story of King Bruce, the spider managed success on the 7th attempt. So, will it happen this time?

“Now, I shall be making a 7th attempt. Not because I have been made to fail 6 times, but because I need to do it. You see, over time and efforts I have realised that it is necessary to be true to yourself rather than prove a point to anyone. I have to rely on my strengths and overcome these threats to make my own space. Maybe I shall fail again due to some reason but there is no compelling reason for me to stop.”

True words. I could connect with my arachnid completely. And he went about making his next attempt with the parting words, “I am not worried about the challenges that I shall face while making the web but I am worried about the cobwebs in my mind that stop me from facing the challenges.”