The MoPo Theory

‘There is still a last mile, dont give up on your smiles, before you lose sight of your dreams, remember thats the reason why you are alive . . . So on and so forth. In simple words it said ‘dont give up’. So often i come across this phase these days whether related to my professional career or even managing my personal finances.

The irony of the fact is that the person who quotes me this ‘never give up’ poem has been at the receiving end from some other poor soul.. . Could have been me for that matter,maybe few mths back when life was only about positive energy. Well that was past.

Talking more about these motivational phrases/poems, most of them share common metaphors like ‘success meet failure’, ‘will and a way, ‘cloud and a silver lining’, ‘potential and grow’.
Obsessed with natural elements and their impact on a normal human life. Fail to understand why none of these MoPo (motivational poem) have day to day natural elements like breathing (in a crowded bus or a train or next to an open garbage), running (behind a train or a bus), potti etc… linked to the cool words of appreciation, enthusiasm or for that matter motivation.
Try asking a constipated person, how much motivation he needs, how much pain he needs to undergo to achieve his objective.
Try asking an office goer, how he has got immune to stench of garbage, sights of open toilet or even crater like potholes in which he keeps on falling.

Point is: MoPo talk about big things (hard to interpret); will something soothe or iron out our smaller issues and worries.

A world wherein time flies by, the worth of a single day unfortunately has come to a naught. Targets, KRAs, Goals, Objectives are aimed over a period of months and years. But these so called achievements are made up of our single days.
So instead of a big jump, as instigated by a MoPo, why cant we have every day, wherein we humans motivate ourselves through small gestures, small efforts
– respecting and reciprocating the love of our families when we go back to the warmth of our homes after office hours (instead of being irritated, frustrated)
– treating our fellow employees, our reportees with courtesy and respect (rather than ridicule them for every mistake)
– relaxing our eye brows (try doing it) instead of being confused and stressed out at all times

MoPo – what can it do for us? Inspire for a day, think about it for a week, and receive it again after a month. 30 days lost.
Life as I understand is a “Journey”. The destination is death so why destroy the journey for it.