A day will come

A day will come
when no longer i carry a bag to a place called office,
there would be no place like office,
such a day wherein i do not encounter the hustle bustle of millions of
souls in a city,
a day where time would just pass by and i would not regret it,
for this day to come i shall live thousands of more days dreaming
about such days.

A day will come as i dreamt in my life once,
I would connect with mother nature through her offerings – of
mountains, of rivers, of seas and places that anyone would want to
no worry about money, no tension of raising your child,
a day where i would roam freely,
a day where i could bless my inner soul,
for this day to come i shall have to endure the hardships, the pain
and struggle of living for many days in life

A day will come when the hard work finally pays, payment in cash, payment in appreciation
Payment of seeing your loved ones smile with you carefree,
A day when you are settled in life, the struggles of earning per month salaries
Concluding to full pockets and not a loan to worry,
Striving for such a day is the dream of dreams, a day will come!

But should a day come soon when no further day arrives,
When I am laid to rest without living the day that I always dreamed,
I would hate that day, I would not want that tranquility in bargain
For the smile of my loved ones … pleasures of setting myself free … resting a day without any worry
But this day would come without telling me,
I can do nothing but to dream and to keep me company, my struggles would be there with me.