Welcoming you child … Nature’s play …

It’s been just over a month, May 10 morning 9:04 AM, our baby arrived in this beautiful world. Only 12 hours back my wife was advised to get admitted a day later for induced delivery. She had been given local anaesthesia for a proper check-up post which our doctor confirmed that the baby could not be held any longer . . It had to be freed from the comfort of her mother’s womb soon. Who would know that the pain of local anesthesia injection would soon transform into a labour pain, which even my wife took time to come to terms with. By the time we reached hospital after a 25 min bumpy car ride, she was already 6 cm dilated. Phew!

This is our second child, which most of my colleagues labelled as ‘accident’, as raising a second child is not heard of these days. But more importantly people said that bringing a second child in the world, once conceived, is cake walk for a couple. Wrong. Very wrong.

Our joy had no limits when we learned about the impending arrival of our second one around 9 months back, who would give company to our elder one and complete our family. But only 4 months into pregnancy, the doctor clearly stated that my wife had to be on bed rest and high protein diet to have a physically and mentally fit baby. We were shocked considering the fact that the first child was normal delivery without any complications. USG confirmed that the baby weight was less and more importantly the fluid was below normal. The reasons . . My wife had quit her job to raise the elder one which meant lot of running around for his meals, school, sleep . . practically everything and all alone as my parents had gone to their hometown and going to her parent’s place was not possible due to certain unavoidable circumstances.

We literally abused (lack of timely and proper diet) the second child for nearly a month, reasons which we had not anticipated and not within our control. By the time my mother arrived, the damage had been done and as the doctor put forth ‘we were on a damage control exercise’. USGs became a fortnightly routine, however, doctor visits slowly regained our optimism. As a father, it was easy to get frustrated – fragile situation of foetus, office issues compounded by high medical costs, inflation making a mess of financial savings, taking care of elder one who was 2.5 years at that time . . But we found support in each other and took one day at a time.

What happened on May 10, was thus unexpected and surprised us as we had geared up for induced delivery or maybe a C-section. When I saw the little one gasping for breath, struggling for its way out through a narrow passage clearing out pools of blood . . . It was simply a miracle. Normal delivery and the child weighed 2.51 Kgs. That day I had a life experience, even a simple event like child birth defines the importance of Nature-a force which has its own way of creating, balancing or removing life.

As I held the baby in my arms, a moment I would cherish forever, I thanked Mother Nature for its benevolent nature.