Can the 2G, RahulG and SoniaG take care of my fears

Let me tell you about my fears, what is actually causing me sleepless nights. I invested in stocks named Unitech and Reliance Capital, what a foolish investment the so called experts would say. But it has been more than a year since I invested and much much before the 3Gstruck. It struck fiercely than a Sachin Tendulkar cover drive and since then these stocks are dealing in boundaries and sixes; -4% .. -6% .. losses!!

My personal investments are eroding and I din’t care a dime about 3G before this happened. 3G for me is now synonymous with the 3G scam. Even the big G of Adarsh HousinG Society din’t catch my notice as it wasn’t something new to the financial capital of India; the omnipresence of a strong builder lobby in cahoots with the inept G..Government Machinery. Or for that matter even the CWG din’t set any alarm bells ringing as it was entirely predictable and nothing shocking. It was on expected lines or rather lineage of politics.

A country besotted with the biggest G, Mahatma Gandhi and his principles of of non violence, why am I so unsettled? Therein lies my fear and the role of 2G (SoniaG and RahulG). I see 2G interacting with people. sitting in non VIP stand and portraying an image of togetherness while the nation suffers from the plight of so many tainted Gs. Every month we are exposed to an ugly G raising its head, snatching away our hard earned money and then do a disappearing act. A tax payer’s money, YOUR money is leaked out on daily basis and there is zero accountability… simply no answers even if a question is raised.

Forget the head of this G..who only responds to the 2G by saying – Haan G! So I ask the people friendly 2G – Is sitting and interacting with people going to solve issues which have eroded a common man’s trust in anything related to Government? Is sharing a cricket match win going to resolve our problems … Is there any willingness to clear the mess? Or are the voters going to be bowled by cute RahulG and the friendly portrait SoniaG.

So many months, so many lost Indian lives later, the biggest G@##u named Kasab is still peacefully BREATHING in an Indian jail.

I give up G.